Citizens’ Dialogue in Marseilles

As Marseille-Provence is the 2013 European Capital of Culture, a “Citizen’s dialogue”has been held on 14 November 2013 with Viviane Reding, vice-President of the European Commission and Christiane Taubira, French minister of Justice. This event was a great occasion for setting up direct dialogue between Viviane Reding, Christiane Taubira and around 500 citizens from all over Europe.

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The “Citizen’s dialogue” was the first stage of three days of event where European civil society had arguments and discussion about the building of a Europe more social, more supportive and closer to its citizens. This event gathered together civil society actors coming from some twenty European countries. It launched our common European advocacy program which is focused on 10 themes:

  1. Active ageing, dependence and intergeneration
  2. Mental health and housing
  3. Participation
  4. Human trafficking
  5. Discrimination against Roma people
  6. Justice et detention
  7. Migration
  8. Youth employment
  9. Making finance work for citizens

It was the occasion to touch a wide public coming from all around Europe and to start a dialogue between civil society, citizens and European Commission. The originality of this event lied in the statement that vulnerable persons need and have the power to shift the position lines at national and European level. That is why we wanted them to be at the heart of the event. We wanted to give them the chance to take the floor and to be truly part of our advocacy program. Their involvement in the event gave its meaning to the promotion of active citizenship and respect for cultural diversity. Citizenship and culture was the key subjects of the event.

> Video of the Citizens’ Dialogue in Marseilles

> Watch the “Dialogue” videos.

> Citizens’ Dialogue and cultures planning

> Article “Messages” newspaper on the event in Marseilles

You can now check on the summary of the report on the event “citizens’ Dialogues and cultures : For a more social and supportive Europe!” :

> Summary of the report

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