The approach “Making Europe more social and supportive: it does concern me! Europe is about us!” is based on various animation tools. They help to understand easily the role and the functioning of the European Union institutions in a playful and original way. These tools aim at raising the awareness of European citizens about their rights and obligations and to give them the chance of identifying solutions to the obstacles of the full exercise of their rights. They also help to raise the Europeans about their fundamental role in building a more social and inclusive Europe which would be closer to them. By reaching a diverse and large audience, these tools are a first invitation to take part in our efforts to advocate for a Social Europe.

“European Parliament elections: who does what?”

The background document “European Parliament elections: who does what?” aims to explain the functioning of the European institutions and European parliament elections to our civil…
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Where is Europe?

The Comic strip “Where is Europe?” is a fun tool which illustrates various situations of poverty and exclusion where the European Union impacts the daily…
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Passport for a European citizen

The “Passport for a European citizen” is a very simple and fun document which informs a wider public on European citizenship. Everybody, regardless of his…
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Vote in European Parliament elections? To do what?

Anyone who wants to test their knowledge on the composition and the fuinctionning of the European Parliament has to try the quiz “Vote in European…
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