If we want to push forward the European Union to set up concrete actions against poverty and social exclusion, civil society needed to muster its strength and to build a strong European advocacy program. Advocacy is a very effective way to enter into dialogue with our institutional representatives and politicians in order to make our voice heard, especially the voice of the most vulnerable people. We are convinced that vulnerable persons need and have the power to shift the position lines at national and European level.

To be involved in an advocacy program means to be involved in a long-term commitment and not only during the European Parliament elections in May 2014. If we do commit ourselves in such an advocacy program, we will be able to follow electoral programs of the elected members of the European Parliament after the European Parliament elections in May 2014. The relevance of our advocacy approach common to 26 non-profit associations and organisations lies in the statement that active citizenship but also culture and respect for cultural diversity are essential to eradicate poverty.

Voices of children in poverty

The exhibition “voices of children in poverty” highlights the strength of European advocating to fight against children poverty. The exhibition shows on the one hand…
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